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How to Install Windows 7 From USB Flash Drive

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Chances are you'll need to install Windows 7 from a USB device if you have a tablet, or small laptop or netbook device, few of which include optical drives as standard hardware.

This means that you must get the Windows 7 setup files onto a flash drive (or any USB based storage) and then boot from that flash drive to get the Windows 7 installation process started.

However, simply copying the files from your Windows 7 DVD to a flash drive won't work.

You have to specially prepare the USB device and then properly copy the Windows 7 install files to it before it'll work as you expect.

You're in a similar, but slightly easier to solve, situation if you've purchased a Windows 7 ISO file directly from Microsoft and need that on a flash drive.

No matter what situation you're in, just follow the instructions below to install Windows 7 from a USB device.Note: The following tutorial applies equally to whatever edition of Windows 7 you have a disc or ISO image of: Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, etc.
What You'll Need:

A Windows 7 ISO or DVD [See Where Can I Download Windows 7? for information on getting an ISO image, or buy a new Windows 7 DVD from NewEgg.]
A 4 GB (or larger) flash drive 

Access to a computer with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, or XP installed and working properly, as well as with a DVD drive if you have a Windows 7 DVD

How to Install Windows 7 From USB

Correctly preparing a USB drive for use as an installation source for Windows 7 will take around 15 to 30 minutes depending on your computer speed and what edition of Windows 7 you have on DVD or in ISO format
Important: Start with Step 1 below if you have a Windows 7 DVD or Step 2 if you have a Windows 7 ISO image.
  1. Create an ISO file from the Windows 7 DVD. If you already know how to create ISO images, fantastic: do it, and then come back here for further instructions on what to do with it.

    If you've never created an ISO file from a disc before, check out the tutorial linked above. It'll walk you through installing some free software and then using it to create the ISO. An ISO image is a single file that perfectly represents a disc... in this case, your Windows 7 installation DVD.
  2. Step1: Create Bootable USB Drive
    1. Start PowerISO (v6.5 or newer version, download here).
    2. Insert the USB drive you intend to boot from.
    3. Choose the menu "Tools > Create Bootable USB Drive". The "Create Bootable USB Drive" dialog will popup. If you are using Windows Vista or above operating system, you need confirm the UAC dialog to continue.

    4. In "Create Bootable USB Drive" dialog, click "..." button to open the iso file of Windows operating system.
    5. Select the correct USB drive from the "Destination USB Drive" list if multiple USB drives are connected to the computer.
    6. Choose the proper writing method. "USB-HDD" is recommended.
    7. Click "Start" button to start creating bootable USB drive.
    8. PowerISO will alert you that all data on USB drive will be destroyed. Click "OK" to continue.

      The program will start writing USB drive, and showing the progress information. You should get the message "Writing USB drive completed successfully." after the operation completes.

    If no errors occurred in the above process, you should now be all set to setup Windows from USB drive!

    Step 2: Configuring the BIOS
    You should now reboot and go into the BIOS configuration to boot from USB. Instructions for doing so wildly from system to system, but generally entail the following:
    1. Reboot the system.
    2. While booting (before Windows starts loading), get into the BIOS configuration screen by hitting something like F1, F2, Delete or Escape. Hotkey instructions are generally provided on the screen.
    3. Go to the section that contains your boot devices.
    4. With your USB drive plugged in, the USB drive should be listed. If it isn’t, your system might not support booting from USB. Assuming that it is supported (as is the case with virtually all modern hardware), promote your USB drive to the primary boot device.
    5. Exit from the BIOS configuration, saving all changes.
    Please notice that you can seriously screw up your system by providing incorrect BIOS settings!

    Step 3: Booting and setup windows from USB drive
    Assuming that you properly configured your BIOS and your USB drive supports booting,  Windows setup should now load. Depending on the speed of your USB drive, this may take a while.
    If it isn’t working, then double-check the following before making a scene:
    • Is your BIOS properly configured for booting from the USB device? (Is the USB device listed and does it have top priority?)
    • Have you correctly prepared the USB drive in step one? (Restart the procedure.)
    • Does your USB drive properly support being booted from? (Try another one!)

How to root your Android Phone or Tablet

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Rooting android with computer will always be a good choice to revitalize your device in terms of performance. That will be one of the key reasons for rooting android using a computer system. Other recognizable reasons are the need to lengthen the life of battery, automation of tasks to make it easy working with the device, improving the speed at which a device works under and installing must-try apps that help to make the device more efficient.

Part 1. Top 3 Ways to Root Android on Windows (PC)

When you have a PC, there will be a big number of software programs available in the market to aid in root android. Be very keen in your considerations to ensure you end up choosing the best ones.
android root

1. iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Root is regarded as the best software in the world for root android with computer and you should put it top on the list for your consideration. You will be able to do as much with this program since it is compatible with more than 6000 android devices. You can do rooting for any of the android versions in spite of the brand under which it falls whether Motorola, LG or Samsung among the leading market brands.
• It is easy to use with one click
• Supports multiple devices. Click here to check the supported Android device.
• Can handle any scenario for data recovery after or before rooting
• Handpicks the specific data to recover with risk free
• Its quick and efficient

Guide for rooting Android phones/tablets via iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

root android
Step 1: iSkysoft Toobox for Android is available for Android user with a Windows pc. Download the software and open it. Connect your Android phone with the computer. Click on the Root button.
(***Enlarge the screenshots by clicking it)
root android
Step 2: When it connected successfully, click on the "Root Now" to begin the process.
android root
Step 3: It takes very few time to finish the whole process! Just wait to get the rooted Android phone!

2. Kingo

Kingo is yet another of the software programs that will allow you to root android on PC with a single click. It has support for different versions of android so you will have no reason to worry about compatibility. For many years, it has been tested and proven to be good for android rooting so you will be using something that has a guarantee for delivering good results.
• It is risk free so you will be assured of safety for your personal information
• It comes as a free version so you will pay nothing to have one
• It has the unroot function enabled
• This program does not support Android version 4.4 and up
• Since its free of charge, you should expect to miss some of the key features and that will compromise on its performance
root genius

3. Root Genius

Root Genius program gives the best suggestion about its suitability for root android with a PC. It’s very smart in the way it works and it’s a product of the great minds of China. When you have it installed to your computer, Root Genius will make root android to be fast, easy and simple. You will have an unforgettable user experience.
As compared to our earlier apps this is the preferred choice of developers for rooting their Android phone but is not recommended for new users.
• It has support for over 10, 000 android devices
• It is available for free
• It is compatible with Android 2.2 to 4.4
• It is very simple to use this software because it operates through a single click
• It can get rid of built-in apps once rooting is done
• It lacks the functionality for unrooting. That means you will be unable to reverse rooting even if it’s flawed
• Some features are missing because of its availability as a free version

Part 2. Top 3 Ways to Root Android on Mac

If you have a Mac, you will have a lot of options to consider in performing root android for your device. The experience you end up having will be determined by the type of software program that you settle for. In making the right choice look at the exact features that every program comes with together with its pros and cons. That should be a guideline enough to ensure you make informed choices.
android data recovery mac

1. Android Data Recovery for Mac

When you have this software program installed to your computer, you will be in for the best experience as far as root android is concerned. This is for the simple reason that it has support for very many file types including text messages, contacts, video and photos. It will give you unlimited options for recovering data so there is nothing to limit you or give you concerns. It is arguably best of the best programs in the market for data recovery.
• It makes it very easy to import contacts back to the android device because they are exported in .VCF file format
• There are more than 3, 000 android devices that work seamlessly with this software which heightens its compatibility rate
• It is easy to use
• It is quick and efficient
• It is risk free so your personal information is well protected all the time
• It can recover data under very many scenarios and handpicks what is to be specifically recovered
cydia impactor

2. Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor exploits the end-to-end vulnerability for “Master Key” to deliver world-class results for root android. Through that, it will be easier gaining access to almost all android devices including tablets and phones. You will have to first download it and install to the computer which will take very limited time and effort.
• It is very easy to use with straightforward instructions
• Guaranteed safety since its risk free
• Supports multiple file types and devices
• It is not compatible with certain versions of android like Huawei Ascend Mate on 4.1, Motorola Atrix 4D on 4.1.1 and HTC One on 4.2.2.


3. Unrevoked

Unrevoked is another good alternative for root android on Mac. It is one of the many single click programs that will deliver instant results whenever you are rooting an android device. It is uniquely designed to work with multiple android devices thus there will be no concerns about compatibility. It supports very many file types and devices.
• It is free and open-source which will enhance your user experience in a big way
• The program does not put your personal information under any danger because it is risk free
• It is one of the easiest to use programs for root android in the market
• It works at very high speeds and very efficient
• There are some versions of android that are not supported by this software

Most Overrated Fictional Characters of All Time

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Some fictional characters are still awesome despite their overrated status. It’s a truth that cannot be disputed. They are popular and beloved no matter what. Get More: https://www.hotactresslook.com/
 Who are the top most overrated fictional characters of all time? Read More.

Here are some of the Top 10 Most Overrated Fictional Characters of All Time

10. Lara Croft

Lara Croft is another famous arcade game fictional character. What makes Lara Croft so overrated is abundantly clear and that is because of her truly perfect feminine form. No game hologram can have what Lara has in abundance. She has the perfect breasts and sexy legs that do run a mile high. She also has a sexy feminine form that would put other female game characters to shame. Is this reality? No, it’s not, and that is why Lara Croft is overrated. She was made to look good and not just to be the character in Tomb Raider.

9. Carrie Bradshaw

The character from Sex In The City, called Carrie Bradshaw, is another character that is recognized and popular in a major way. She is every inch a typical New Yorker and she has a real addiction to buying shoes that does put her into a lot of debt personally. She is an earthy type of character that is a bit too earthy and modern at the very same time. She seems unreal and lacking substance.

8. Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is truly an awesome heroine in the classic novel of the same name “Jane Eyre.” However, her character is indeed a bit overrated, despite the fact that she is plain and unattractive. The life she ends up having with Mr. Rochester is still one that is domestic in description. He ends up being blind and crippled too. He is no longer the man that he once was. She hasn’t changed all that much. She is a fictional character that is still black and white and the colors don’t change in her life and become brighter.

7. Rachel Green

The character of Rachel Green from the television sitcom called “Friends” is another fictional character that is indeed overrated. Why is that? The answer is clear. She is the least funny and interesting of all the characters on this popular sitcom. However, for some reason, people do seem to still like her a whole lot. Some say it is due to her very pretty hair which always does happen to look good on screen.

6. Reverend Lovejoy

Reverend Lovejoy is another character on The Simpsons that is sort of on the overrated side. He is everything that a pastor should be. However, one does tend to think if he is for real, because at times he just doesn’t seem to care and that is unlike a man of God to be. Reverend Lovejoy is always annoyed at Ned and tries to get away from him as much as possible.

5. Groundskeeper Willie

Groundskeeper Willie is another character from the popular animated television series called The Simpsons. He is also another fictional character that is a bit overrated, and at the same time, a character that has a stereotype just like Bumblebee Man. Groundskeeper Willie’s name is William “Willie” MacDougal and he is the groundskeeper for Springfield Elementary School. Willie can be described as sort of being feral in nature and he is totally proud of being from his native Scotland. Bart Simpson loves to play pranks on Willie because of his unstable temper and incompetent personality.

4. Bumblebee Man

Bumbleebee Man is a character on The Simpsons. He is fictional animated character that is also a stereotype. The character is overrated for a number of reasons. One thing about Bumbleebee Man is that he is unfairly stereotyped as a Mexican man and only speaks with certain words that are Mexican in dialect. Bumbleebee Man doesn’t remove his costume not once either.

3. Pac Man

Pac Man is another very famous arcade fictional game character. However, he too, is often overrated. Why is that? The answer is said to be this. Pac Man is supposed to a fictional game character that is a bit on the narcissistic side. His very eyes are said to be miniatures of himself. He also was a character that was said to have been conceived while the creator was eating pizza. Pac Man is also the only main character in the famous maze arcade game. The ghosts come in second to him. Simple as that.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is definitely one of the best of all arcade game characters. However, some do think that Sonic is overrated as a fictional character, and why that is can be attributed to what Sonic does. He’s always on the speediest of all treks that leaves his best friend in the dust. His best friend is no other than Tails. Therefore, some do think Sonic is all about himself, for this reason. How true this is, is something, which is open to impression.

1. Superman

Superman is without a doubt, one of the most popular, and enduring of all Marvel Comics superheroes. He definitely is a fictional character that is every inch worthy of like, attention, and praise by fans everywhere. However, it can sometimes be on overload, and the more attention that he does get. The further the overrating does go. This in no way, is putting Superman down, but one has to draw the line and stop right there. The franchise fandom thing is a bit on the extreme side and that is definitely overrated.

World's Top 5 Richest Sportsmen

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Games are normally focused physical action or recreations to keep up or enhance physical capacity and abilities. Sports give satisfaction to the members and onlookers. A portion of the spots must be played in a group’s, for example, cricket, football, ball, and so on. In each group, there must be solidarity among the players. There is an arrangement of standards, which guarantees reasonable rivalry and permit predictable to choose the victor. In each game, the lead must be necessary taken after. Each sportsman must appreciate the games and should take after the standards.

The Top 5 Richest Sportsmen in the World :

5. LeBron James- $300 million

Standing 6 ft 8 inches tall, LeBron James is an American expert Basketball player for Cleveland Cavalries. He was born on 30th December 1984 in Akron. James has won 3 times NBA Champion titles, and 3 times NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, 12 times NBA All-Star title, 4 times NBA Most Valuable Player title, 2 times Mr. Basketball USA and many more titles. He started his career as a basketball player when he was in secondary school. His net worth is 300 million dollars. He is recognized as the Cavalier’s all-time leading scorer. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Sportsmen in The World 2017.

4. Roger Federer- $320 million

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently positioned World No. 3 in the Association of Tennis Professionals. He was born on eighth August 1981 in Switzerland. He has featured at World No 1 position for over 300 weeks with 237 consecutive weeks. He also holds the record of reaching Wimbledon final ten times and each Grand Slam final at least 5 times. Federer has won 17 Grand Slam Titles and is the only player to win five consecutive US Open titles. He has earned about US$ 98,930,800 through prize money, which is the 2nd all-time highest earning. He has won 88 titles in his career. His net worth is 320 million dollars.

3. Kobe Bryant- $320 million

He is one of the greatest players of Los Angeles Lakers. He was born on 23rd August 1978 in Philadelphia. He has 5 NBA Champion titles, 2 times NBA finals Most Valuable Player, 18 times NBA All-Star and many more titles under his belt. He is the all-time leading scorer for Los Angeles Lakers. His net worth is 320 million dollars. He holds a unique record in NBA for representing most seasons under one franchise for an entire career.

2. Floyd Mayweather- $620 million

He is an American former professional boxer, considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all-time. He was born on 24th February 1977 in Michigan. He has won 15 world titles and is said to be the greatest welterweight boxer of all-time. He has had an undefeated professional career with 23 wins by Knockout out of 49 victories. In 1998 and 2007 he got The Ring magazine’s Fighter of the Year prize and six-time winner of Best Fighter ESPY Award. His net worth is 620 million dollars and is said to have produced $1.3 billion revenue throughout his career.

1. Tiger Woods- $700 million

Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods is an American professional Golf player who is considered to be one of the greatest Golfers ever. He has won PGA Player of the Year, for record eleven times. He is the youngest golfer to achieve the career Grand slam and the fastest player to win 50 tournaments on tour. His net worth is 700 million dollars and has been named one of the highest-paid athletes in the world for several years.

10 Best Selling Clothing Brands in The World

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Clothing industry is one of the most ancient industriesof all the time. But today there are few trusted companies which are on the top of the world in the field of cloth manufacturing. The world saw emergence of new trends and new fabrics in clothing and some big brands got popular all over the world and still are amongst the best sellers in the world. The quality, perfection and trendiness

Top 10 Best selling, Popular Clothing brands in the world, with a sneak peek on their bio and the countdown follows:


The brand Value of this famous company is about $3.1 billion. This company is known for its high standards. They are providing impeccable tailoring, glamour and amazing dressing. They are mostly used by Hollywood stars. They are expertise in the product suits. Their clothing will be of luxurious fabric condition. Armani price, emporio, exchange are most expensive clothing under this brand. They even produce perfumes, leather bags and belts, glasses, shoes and other materials. Thus they stand in the tenth position in the list.


The total brand value of this company is about $3.5 billion. The establishment of this company is done by Paola Fendi. The Company was launched in the year 1925. They are expertise in the production of world class dressing and also bags and other accessories. The hand bag series was introduced in 1997 which is called as Baguette. This company also owns its own atelier .They keep up their standards by making themselves up to date in the world of fashion. This company is owned by LVMH. Thus this is 9th in the list.


The total brand value of this company is about $5.5 billion. The revenue of the country is about $1 billion .This is an Italian company. This company was established in the year 1978. This company was established by Gianni Versace. This is one of the most profitable lifestyle brand in the world .They are known for their intrigued embellishments, vivid print, cocktail and iconic gowns are amazing .There are so many type of clothing introduced by them. Thus they are in the 8th position.


This company has the total brand value of about $5.87 billion. The company gets a revenue of about $4 billion .This is British company. Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic figure with respect to this company. This company is famous for its innovation. They have even obtained a royal warrant. This company even launched exclusive and expensive skin care range. Thus this is one of the expensive and also exclusive company. It is in the seventh position.


This company has the total brand value of about $6.6 billion. The revenue obtained by this company is about $7.1 billion. This brand is totally because of the man Ralph Lauren. The brand totally focuses on the luxury and strives provide you all sort of dress materials for you to live your desired life. The company clothes a lot of famous personalities in the world. Polo is also one of the famous brand under them. Thus this company stands in 6th position.


The brand value of this company is about $6.8 billion. The revenue collection by this company is $5.4 billion. This company is actually started by Coco Chanel. The brand is very well known for women’s clothing. The company strives to make sure that women are comfortable in their dress and they should feel proud. This is one of the most expensive brands in the world. Thus this company is in the 5th position in the top ten list.


This company has a brand value of about $7.3 billion. The revenue of this company is about $3.7 Billion. This company was started in the year 1913. The company was established by an Italian leather manufacturer named Mario Prada. This is one of the most expensive brand and every girl would love to have this one. They have amazing design, style, and color and makes every girl feel special. Thus this is in the top 4th position.


This company has s brand value of about $10.6 billion. The revenue of this company is about $5.3 billion. This company was established in the year 1837 by Thierry Hermes. Throughout the journey of all these 176 years, the company had been very successful. The company is famous for their Kelly bag and also silk scarves. They are expertise in production of belts, men’s and women’s sport wear riding gloves etc.


The brand value of this company is about $12.4 billion. The revenue this company is about $4.5 billion. The company aims at providing quality clothing. They are known to produce cloths which are worth wearing for a red carpet event. This company was started in the year 1921. The founder of this company is Gucci. This is one of the most expensive brands and also they are known to produce rich and luxury clothing. Thus they are in the 2nd position.


The most expensive brand on the earth is Louis Vuitton. The brand value of this company has reached about $28.1 Billion. The revenue collection of this brand is about $10.1 billion. This brand is very well known for its leather works they also produce trench coats, ready to wear dresses , shoes, accessories, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, books and many other accessories. Thus this company is in 1 St position in the list.

Top 10 internet security Antivirus Software

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we access various devices and websites and we are very much prone to malware attacks and phishing activities. All our personal information, monetary activities are very much vulnerable and it is a great matter of concern. But, thanks to the prevalent Antivirus software in the market. Life would have been really hard without those. Presently, they do not just remain antivirus software, but come packed with several other security features that makes our activities safer.

The list of the top 10 best selling antivirus software in the world that provide best security to the devices:

10. Quick Heal:

It is one of the best selling Indian antivirus of 2017. The Company is based in India and it has been around for 22 years. Its 30-day trail edition includes all features and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 16 costs about $30 per year. It renders decent malware blocking and malicious URL blocking. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro has effective tools like two-way personal firewall and optional browser sandbox that are very helpful in protecting the devices.

9. Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 is a great tool for protecting a clean PC. It is not a feature stuffed suite and does a very decent job in protecting the system with its regular updates. At times, it fails to thoroughly clean up and already-infested PC, but for those who don’t wish to spend a lot on a Antivirus and those who confine the PC to limited use, can go for it.

8. Avira:

It is one of the most popular names in the Antivirus business and it has been around for about 30 years. It has seen about half a billion installations worldwide. It is free for personal use only and the Pro Edition has to be purchased for protection in a business environment, where the paid users get immediate support by phone, email or Web ticket. It is efficient in malware blocking and scans network and routers to detect security problems. Avira Antivirus also scans for out-dated software and performs system clean up scan and Boot-time scan. Also, features like Rescue disk and integrated password manager make it one of the best choices for free antivirus protection.

7. Avast:

Although Avast Free Antivirus is full-featured and powerful, there are still plenty of additional features to lure you to upgrade to Avast Pro Antivirus. With an improved design and looks, this antivirus seems very effective in malware blocking. It is one of the few antivirus software that only initiate a scan just before an unknown file executes. Thus, Avast Pro Antivirus stands as one of the most powerful free Antivirus software.

6. BitDefender:

This is one such Antivirus where there are no much extra features, but still it manages to remove infestations of viruses or other malware, and ward off any further attacks. For $39.95 per year, BitDefender does a fantastic job with its default Autopilot Mode. It is very effective in anti-phishing and is equipped with password manager, secure browser and vulnerability scan. In the latest version, there is also a ransomware protection. It is a very effective Antivirus and for $59.95 it comes packed with useful bonus features.

5. McAfee:

McAfee Antivirus Plus protects all your Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS devices with a single subscription at $59.99 per year. It offers excellent malicious URL blocking and anti-phishing. It includes features like secure deletion, remote management, vulnerability scan and system clean-up for better performance of the system.

4. ESET:

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9 proves very effective on testing and offers one year subscription for about $39.99. It is performs well in phishing protection and malicious URL blocking tests. There are many other bonus security features like Host Intrusion Protection System. It can be a very handy tool at very reasonable price to protect our PC and devices.

3. AVG:

This antivirus performs very well in most of the independent lab tests and very effective in anti-phishing security and has speedy full scan too. Its other features include website rating, do not track, file shredder and PC Tune Up. It is free and it is considered to be the best in its segment. Its effective malware blocking feature is the standout and is equally good as the paid antivirus software. It is swift, effective and easily customizable to facilitate the ease of use.

2. Symantec:

This antivirus software scores high in malicious URL blocking tests and has one of the best anti-phishing scores. It is bundled with features like spam filtering, slick firewall, password management, performance optimization tools, online management and helps to protect all the devices like Android, Mac OS, Windows and iOS. It offers ten licenses for one year at $89.99 along with 25 GB of hosted online backup and a premium subscription to parental control system.

1. Kaspersky:

This is the best selling antivirus of 2017. This software provides protection for all devices across PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. It does excellent anti-phishing, malicious URL blocking and antimalware. Its other features include parental control, firewall and backup. Its 10 device license subscription costs about $149.99 per year which seems quite pricey, but its extremely useful security features are worth the money.

This countdown saw many known antivirus software, better to be called internet security software that have been acclaimed by the critics by analysing the performances. All of these best selling antivirus of 2017 provide best security and the choice should be done suiting to one’s requirements.